Bio Data

  • Name: Ntombikayise Nhleko
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • D.O.B: Not Available


Ntombi Is a girl that grew up between Mpumalanga Swaziland and JoburgShe was born by a Swati womanNtombifuthi Sbongile Ellenand a Zulu man and they separated when she was 2months. The father was a church bishop of Amahlokohloko and the mother was a self-proclaimedchef. Both parents were skilled and talented in preaching, singing and in hospitality, Ntombibeing their daughteris no less than her parentsor even more.
Who is Ntombi? Ntombi is a girl known by many names due to her careers. She’sa part-time waitress,Food stylist assistant, an actor from Hlalanathi Community theatre a singer, song writer, dancer, online radio presenter,Mc and as well as event host. Started all at very young age afterhermother passed on she was 17, 2009 thereforeher fatherpassed on too, that didn’t affect her dream as she was raised bya strong woman anddecided to leave school and start making a living forherselfand two littlesisters, she became a waitress,a dancer whoworkhard and still make time to practice for performance with the likes oflate well known Dj Njeblind. 2012 together with her friendstheymet with DJ SHABBAH a musicproducerentrepreneurwith hopesto lead them to another level in the music industrya well knownmusic lecturea composer who had multiple connectionin the entertainment world. He recorded the girls and named them T.F.C The Fearless Chicks. TFC made their living in multiple performances around South Africa and Ntombi’s younger sister join the crew as a DJto all theirshowbiz, sharedstageswith so many SA’s big and upcoming artists Ntombihad passion to lift theShabbahtainment Music flag to another highest in the music scene and her efforts pushed her to be an event host and MC. In 2016 she went solo with her younger sister Thandeka whompeople knownas her child. They continue the journey together to spark their own brand the sameyear and her love for good food she was hired as a food stylist assistant andjoined and online radio stationHillbrowRadioas a graveyard presenter followed by number of different contents on the platform.2019 beginning Ntombi became partners with Chris to run Oboy Entertainment and that is still a new baby to her. They bring Nigerian and South African or African artists together. They help run entertainment in outlets too.